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 OTCD: Off-Topic Community Discussions (v1.11 cAPS lOCK eDITION)

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Very Important Person

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PostSubject: Life of patrick in a old way   Wed May 05, 2010 4:47 pm

Life,lets see this may take long so...wrap your mind around it...yeah...anyway

It's hot around here and i HATE it so much,for myself i love the cold and i just can't wait til summer ends mostly it rains and it's hot which rain is pretty depressing...yeah...anyway Food wise well i still have load of lobsters and ll the tuna cans you can eat yum...processed food just love it...anyway school well school has it's moments's all to much through freshmen and me and my's stupid and remorses me to disgust...i doubt i'll be going to college might as well be working at publix or some fryer i don't know but better at late night...since i don't sleep.Sleeping is not a part of my life and it's not into me when i work hard and go out to do stuff sure i'm tired but if i have to go to bed then i'm just laying down with my eyes open doing nothing,Sadly thats the case well this is going on as a rant but still...and waking up a 6:00 everyday and the fact that i look high is weird.No matter how early i sleep or how late i'm still tired when i woke up it just happens,sleeping is not my thing i i don't consumed on that with my brain that is too small of a size to make any life to it(epic burn on myself lol) Anyway pretty pissed off and wanting to cut my hair but i don't...but i do...but i don't...but...i do.Anyway...hope yall all have a great day and you have a good life because once high school is's over gone all your friends...teachers...and life as a kid is GONE,out in the real world with bills you have to pay and money wasting,taxes,health,the dang list goes on and on...enjoy highschool while you can...and please don't sound emo like me or old in fact
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PostSubject: Re: OTCD: Off-Topic Community Discussions (v1.11 cAPS lOCK eDITION)   Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:25 am

Did this place die?
Anyway, I'm at school now. Writing an essay. Whee.
Next I have AP theory.
Well, I'll just go now... Sad
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OTCD: Off-Topic Community Discussions (v1.11 cAPS lOCK eDITION)
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