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 Notable Webcomics

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PostSubject: Notable Webcomics   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:53 pm

So if you don't know what webcomics are, they're comics made by freelancers that you read on your computer. There, now you're educated. Here's some of my favorite webcomics (a lot of which I discovered only recently):

  • Brawl in the Family by Matthew Taranto ( ): For Nintendo fans like us, this comic is some good stuff. It's a gag-an-update series with rarely any continuity, so newcomers can drop right into the fray. It follows the adventures of mainly Kirby and various other Nintendo characters, as they go around and do stuff. Better than it sounds.
  • VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair ( ): Another pretty good gaming webcomic, centered around two anthropopmorphic cats, named Leo and Aeris, in various videogame-related situations. Unlike most other gaming comics, this one usually transports the characters to be characters in the game parodied, and not just the characters playing said game. However, some strips can be a little NSFW. There's also the fact that the creator rarely keeps a good schedule.
  • XKCD by Randall Monroe ( ): An incredibly nerdy comic involving stick figures and graphs. Also better than it sounds.
  • Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan ( ): He's a 28-something guy with an ambiguous hair color that is supposedly brown. He's a talking teddy bear with a suspicious past and a dry wit. They fight (supernatural) crime for the Ninja Mafia! Yet again, better than it sounds. I'd suggest starting at the beginning of the comic, though.
  • MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck by Andrew Hussie ( ): As the name suggests, this comic is drawn entirely in Adobe Photoshop and Flash. This particular comic tells the story of a 13-year-old boy named John Egbert, who struggles with a frustrating inventory system, and soon, he receives a game beta in the mail. It's then revealed that this game can warp reality, and nothing is how it seems. The story plays out a lot like an old adventure game, y'know, where you would type in what you would do next. In fact, the responses that are used in the comic have been written by fans themselves. Again, start at the beginning.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell ( ): This is one of my personal favorite webcomics. It's a story of a girl named Antimony Carver (Annie for short) who starts going to a boarding school in the UK called Gunnerkrigg Court. She soon finds out that there are many supernatural beings in and around the school. For starters, she finds that she acquired a second shadow. Along with her new friend, Kat, she discovers the hidden surprises that the school actually holds. This comic isn't a sort of gag-a-day strip; it plays out more like a graphic novel, telling its story in different chapters. So, in other words, this would be another comic that I'd ask you should start at the beginning. I definitely recommend this one.
  • Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North ( ): This comic actually has over a thousand entries. Why? Each panel is exactly the same as every other comic. It's the story of a slightly dim T-rex who stomps on a woman and house while going on intellectual conversations with a Utahraptor and a Dromiceiomimus. Again, better than it sounds.

Give me some webcomics that you guys like and I'll put 'em in.

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PostSubject: Re: Notable Webcomics   Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:02 pm

Nice list. Some of my favorites are Cyanide and Happiness (NSFW, btw) and inSonicNia.

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.
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Notable Webcomics
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